Chairman Message

Chairman Message:

Looking beyond & spearheading to Final Frontier Market in South East Asia - Myanmar

After more than 50 years of stagnation, Myanmar is finally opening its doors to investment from the outside world. As well as siting between the regional heavyweights of China and India, Myanmar offers incredible investment opportunities in energy, mining, infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries and so much more that led the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to brand the country as Asia’s “Final Frontier”.

Myanmar has the right “ingredients” and potentials for sustainable growth: The country offers natural resources and arable land in abundance – most importantly, however, Myanmar possesses a skilled, motivated and young population to realize the potentials and positive change.

Myanmar Business Opportunity

On 28th June 2017 the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) announced 10 prioritized Investment Activities that they would like to foreign investors to consider. Investors that invest in these activities and create jobs, upgrade the technology &/or productivity of Myanmar industry will enjoy benefits such as 3 to 5 years tax exemption and long term lease on property.

Myanmar companies large and small are actively seeking foreign artners/investors in all sectors. But identifying potential business partners, accessing capital, skilled staff, and the specialist knowledge and technologies that will modernize and expand their companies, presents a real challenges to Myanmar business leaders today. Hence, they are actively seeking for foreign partner to bring foreign talent, expertise and knowledge to increase productivities and their business across the board.

Likewise, SME’s in developed counties are struggling their business amid strong competition and saturated market in their home country. Hence, some SMEs are seeking to move out of comfort zone to expand their business in Myanmar but lacking knowledge and information about how to do business in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, some companies are finding it extremely challenging to identify investment opportunities and partners with real potential in this new and rapidly changing emerging Myanmar market. Bringing your business overseas for the first time can be daunting. Behind every successful expansion is required careful planning, taking calculated risks, and in-depth research. Our MyanmarBizConnect gives you the Business insight knowledge and support that you need to take your first steps overseas venture and success. And so it is our great pleasure to announce the MyanmarbizConnect – is Partnering with SICC (Singapore International Chamber of Commerce) , SMCCI (Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce of Industry) and SEA (Singapore Enterprise Associations), Singapore Credit Management Association and aSME, SMF for Business Expansion into Myanmar through business matching mission which is designed to introduce SMEs Business owners to find the potential partners, clients, investors, consultants, traders, and technology suppliers, at a truly unique programme to help grow their usiness in Myanmar.

Our programme also covers to examine the real potential of the Myanmar market, managing business risks, the reality on the ground and challenges to be overcome.

Last but not least, we provide one-stop business solutions, strategic business consulting, market research, company set up and productivity & creative management training.

You may wish to contact us at : or call us at 9387 3400 for further details. For membership enquiries, please contact us at :

We look forward to partnering with you for growth and your business success!

Diana Win
Founder and Chairman
MyanmarBizConnect Group

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